Direct from the Farm

We believe in starting all relationships on the farm. If you are a South Florida chef interested in sourcing produce from us, we encourage you to schedule a tasting tour. Visiting the farm gives you the unique advantage of seeing and tasting what’s in season. You will leave with a deep understanding of how our ingredients will elevate your dishes and of how your support will cultivate local, sustainable agriculture.

Distributor Partners

Customers in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties may purchase produce through one of our distributor partners.

Sunshine Provisions

Sunshine Provisions sources unique, high-end unique ingredients for kitchens across South Florida.

The Garden Network, Inc.

The Garden Network serves as a forager and distributor to bring organic produce to restaurants in South Florida.

Shoreside Support

Shoreside Support works directly with mega yacht chefs to ensure that the vessel is stocked with the highest quality produce.