Farming Practices

Minimizing our impact is something we take seriously in every decision we make at the farm. Here are just a few of the ways that we incorporate sustainability into our farming practices.

  • We grow greens to order, finding a home for each product before we grow it.
  • We deliver our cut products in compostable containers.
  • We collect and reuse pots from our living micros and compost the roots.
  • We support a locally-sourced seasonal menu by growing year round.

Shipping Materials

We encourage our out-of-state customers to reuse our shipping materials; however, if you must throw them away they are as environmentally friendly as possible:

  • The containers used to hold your produce are fully compostable.
  • The cardboard box used for shipping is biodegradable and is not coated in wax.
  • The insulation used to line the shipping box is made of rock dust and is also biodegradable.
  • The gel packs used to keep your order cold are reusable.