Farm Assistant

Harpke Family Farm specializes in growing microgreens, edible flowers, hydroponic lettuce and other specialty produce for chefs and local families year round. We use all-natural farming practices with a focus on sustainability. We are looking for a part-time farm assistant to help with growing, production and maintenance. Candidates who are interested in a long-term role with the organization are preferred.


  • Starting part time, transition to full time in the fall
  • Monday – Friday 7am – noon


  • Follow guidelines for harvesting produce
  • Support planting by cleaning and filling pots, inputting seedlings, and other tasks
  • Assist with repairs, maintenance and cleaning


  • Ability to consistently report to work at 7am on week days
  • A passion for agriculture
  • Motivation to perform under pressure and in difficult conditions
  • Tolerance for very hot working conditions, both inside the greenhouse and outdoors
  • Tolerance for physically demanding work and long hours on feet
  • Excellent communication skills