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Our Farm Lecture Series

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Composting Basics, Raised Bed Gardening, Seedling Production, Microgreen/Sprouts Production, Demos.

Microgreens Farm Grows a Diversity of Crops to Ensure Success & Profit

John from growingyourgreens.com goes on a field trip to Harpke Family Urban Farm in Dania Beach, Florida to show you how they grow microgreens and a diversity of other crops in many different ways to ensure crop success and profit.

Video Credit:  growingyourgreens.com

Microgreens and Microherbs: the Backbone of Harpke Family Farm

They’re small, but mighty. Microgreens are some of the most nutrient-dense greens one can find and, perhaps more importantly, their tiny leaves pack a serious flavor punch. Specializing in live microgreens, Harpke Family Farm, a family-owned, urban farm, sells live potted and/or harvested microgreens to consumers and top restaurants alike.

Video Credit:  Stephanie Hutin

DIY Composting Barrels

Instead of investing in high-priced compost barrel systems, Tamer Harpke, owner of Harpke Family Farm, built these himself at a fraction of the cost. These barrels sit on hinges which allow Harpke to spin them as needed, letting gravity do most of the work. Moisture escapes and air enters via small holes Harpke drilled throughout the barrels. Indeed, this clip is a perfect example of working smarter, not harder!

Video Credit:  Stephanie Hutin

Water Reclamation System

This video exert provides details as to how Tamer Harpke reclaims rainwater on his urban farm. As the tanks fill, he uses captured rainwater to run his irrigation system and to provide the foundation for his all-natural, home-brewed fertilizer. Complete with worm castings, locally harvested seaweed, kelp and other nutrient-rich substances, Harpke touches on his fertilizer recipe here.

Video credit: Stephanie Hutin

Fabric Growing Pots vs. Plastic Growing Pots

This short video provides insight as to why Tamer Harpke chose to use 15-gallon “Jackpots” on his family-owned urban farm in South Florida. Employing the use of such vessels provide many benefits to growers, including increased air circulation, increased drainage and more natural development of the root ball.

Video credit: Stephanie Hutin

Waste Not, Want Not

Use what’s available to you: harvest bamboo stakes for tomato trellising systems, for instance. Bamboo of all different kinds can prove highly useful, plus it’s free if you grow and harvest it yourself!

Video credit: Stephanie Hutin